Florence First Vietnamese Restaurant, Com Saigon

Florence First Vietnamese Restaurant, Com Saigon (via dell’Agnolo 93/r), which means “Saigon’s Rice,” offers a variety of Vietnamese specialties to the Florentine community following its grand opening on June 1, 2017.
The kitchen, located in the entrance in order to display food preparation, is run by three Vietnamese women. Upon entering, customers will be able to taste popular “finger-food” dishes. In the lounge on Via de Pepi, guests can enjoy Vietnamese tea and traditional Vietnamese desserts on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons.
Some of the popular dishes served at the restaurant include Phō, Banh Cuon, and Banh Xeo. Phō, a dish from northern Vietnam, is a beef broth-based soup with vegetables and spices. [Read complete article on Magenta Florence …]

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