Self-Fragmentation Photography Project reflects my interpretation of images which I have taken for “Artistic Anatomy” course, in the Florence Academy of Fine Arts. The course offers a reading of the human body by emphasizing what manifests through the form and manner of appearance.
The starting point is in the interest of physiognomy; the analytical gives impetus to figurative Western-looking portrait, which presupposes a correspondence between external form (morph) and soul or mind (psyche) and possibility, through the reading of facial features, to recognize the inclinations of the human soul. The analysis physiognomy is a key tool for observation of the face and body and possible incentive for studies of design and production of portraits, fictional characters and masks to think for several techniques such as photography, theater, cinema, etc.
The theme which I choose refers to people with a borderline level of personality that have a fragmented sense of self and others. Since they possess a fragmented sense of self, they don’t have a consistent view of themselves or others, over time and across situations. Thank you to my friend Mehmet Elmas for her help and Finally, I thank Prof. Anna Maria Lomuscio for her advice and her help during the development of this project.