The Distance (La Distanza)

La distanza racconta una sottile differenza tra l’Iran e i paesi europei

L’idea iniziale del progetto “Distanza” risale nel 2016, quando sono ritornato dal viaggio estivo in Iran. La “Distanza” racconta una sottile differenza tra l’Iran e i paesi europei dove le persone senza aver paura camminano mano nella mano e mostrano le loro emozioni in pubblico. Le fotografie scelte sono state scattate durante i miei viaggi in Europa, cercando di rendere importante gli istanti relativi all’argomento trattato.

“Oggetti Politci / Politcal Objects” è un progeto nato all’interno della mostra Ai Weiwei. Libero (setembre 2016 – gennaio 2017), Firenze, Palazzo Strozzi, realizzato in collaborazione con i docent e gli student di: Accademia di Belle Art di Firenze, LABA (Libera Accademia di Belle Art), Lorenzo De’ Medici, New York University, SACI (Studio Art Center Internatonal).

There are little narrow and passing moments in everyday life that give it warmth and beauty, freshness and a sense of being alive. I, as an Iranian, am searching to capture these moments in my prowls, but sometimes some photographs will be a wish for me, a dream in my mind that can be created in the imagination and take form and life to change into reality. This mirage should take us with itself to climax that true sense that should be formed, but it doesn’t… A climax that would fail if it became a reality. A reality of distances that should be observed with any one, any relationship, evens a close relative! When these distances are observed they become habits that will limit us. They determine boarders by measuring everything. It doesn’t matter whether man or woman, they would measure your distance with either gender. If you leave steps further than these distances, you should be careful of others’ vision, surprised or moody faces, and with many questions that you don’t know those who don’t respect distance as a human! If intimacy and togetherness ceases someone gets hurt? Is it strange to be kind and love? Why should we hide love? Why should we suppress hugging?

I, as an Iranian, should prowl in a society that these banal couldn’t have any meaning. We should entrust our simplicity of poetic to distance. I am demanding of balance and freedom that respect for humanity, spirit, emotion, life and existence of human beings.